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The COVID-19 pandemic is driving scientists, like the rest of society, to find new solutions to problems, so that we can work better together – through more sharing of data, expertise, equipment, and PPE.

We’ve been inspired to take this opportunity to try to create a long-term change that helps science work better for everybody.

We are scientists who want to change the way recruitment for scientific jobs is done to save labs and funders money.

  • To make recruitment fairer: with jobRxiv, every candidate has access to every job, and all labs can find the best candidates, whatever their budget
  • To save labs and funders money: recruitment shouldn’t cost $1000 per ad


  • access to scientist candidates across 160+ countries
  • automatic indexing of your listing on Google Jobs so even candidates who don’t know jobRxiv can find it
  • advertising of your job across our social media accounts with custom images (12K+ followers)
  • a fair, date-based listing order on the front page (no featured or highlighted jobs)
  • employer accounts to edit and remove your own listings
  • post-publication curation so your job is online and visible as soon as you submit it
  • and of course, saving your funds for your research! We operate on an honour system: our suggested price is 10x less than other major science job boards and those who can’t pay can still post for free and benefit from all of the above features.


  • it’s completely free
  • we have jobs from over 1200 employers from 45+ countries around the world: you no longer need to waste time checking lots of local or subfield-specific job boards
  • our site is dedicated entirely to science jobs and can be easily searched and filtered by discipline, career stage, and location
  • you can browse and apply for jobs without an account
  • bookmark jobs and make notes on them for later (free account required)
  • sign up for custom job alerts by email (free account required)


You can select as many appropriate disciplines and categories for your job as you want. Make use of this and ensure the right candidate can find you easily.

jobRxiv is not a job aggregator/distributor but a platform for candidates to find and apply to scientific jobs (and for you to find those candidates!). Please do not include links to other job boards for further information and/or application. Your own personal/institutional pages are fine but all information relevant to the job should be included in the listing if at all possible.

When writing the job description, keep your candidates in mind! We strongly recommend you include, at minimum:

  • A description of your institution, company or lab.
  • Information about the position itself and the job duties
  • What your preferred candidate’s profile looks like – technical skills, previous experience, degrees …
  • How to apply – let them know what documents to send and how (do you want a cover letter, a cv, a research plan?). Don’t just provide an email address and hope for the best. Candidates are often applying to many many jobs and not knowing what you expect makes it harder for them and less likely they’ll actually apply.

A note on the use of hyperlinks: if you copy/paste hyperlinks from Word or certain webpages, the links may initially appear broken with double quotes (“) inserted at seemingly random points. To fix this, please either:

  • edit the linked URL using the button above the job description text box, or
  • first copy the text you are trying to paste from Word/a webpage to a text editor (Notepadd++, textmate, SublimeText, etc..) and from there to the job description box. This should adequately strip all special characters from your links.

To ensure access for as many candidates as possible and allow assessment of inappropriate content, please include an English version of the job description before any translation in another language.

They get a special bullet point because they’re especially important: do you REALLY need letters of reference upfront for every candidate? In most cases, references are only considered when candidates make it though the first round of selection. If that’s what you plan to do, please be considerate to your applicants and their letter writers and just ask for contact details. You’ll also get more applicants this way.

Including an image increases sharing, thereby increasing the number of views and potential applicants your listing gets. This is not required but HIGHLY recommended. A nice picture of your city, building, work or colleagues shouldn’t be hard to find.


Patrick Varga-WeiszLecturer, School of Life Sciences, University of Essex
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I used jobRxiv in a search for postdoctoral fellows in an international collaboration where we aimed at recruiting the best from all over the world. [...] Finding job opportunities and posting these through jobRxiv is easy and we will use this site in the future again.
Lars SteinmetzDirector of the Life Science Alliance
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jobRxiv is a great place to advertise and reach a broad audience [...] we hired a candidate who saw one of our postings so it works perfectly.
Rob LanfearAssociate Professor of Biology, Australian National University
Read More
We should all be using @jobRxiv to advertise and search for academic positions.
Prachee AvasthiAssociate Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Dartmouth
Read More
PSA that @jobRxiv exists. I can think of better uses for the >$1K it costs to post a job for 3 months on that other site.
Liz SpechtDirector of Science & Technology, Good Food Institute
Read More
I [...] am delighted to see scientific job postings becoming more accessible and equitable.
Post-Doc Association Unige
Read More
What a great resource! This is the future!
Gordon SmithAssistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Read More
I want to thank @JobRxiv for setting up a great (free) resource for the scientific community!
Michal GdulaHead of Developmental Epigenetics Lab
Read More
very convenient way of posting research job offers: posted next day, for free, elegant, compatible with platforms.
Rebekah GundryProfessor, University of Nebraska Medical Center Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Read More
Thanks @jobRxiv for creating a no-nonsense platform for job advertising and searching!
Sunil LaxmanScientist, Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine
Read More
I hope this becomes the default for job searches happen in science, especially academia.
Paulo Navarro-CostaScientist, Gulbenkian Institute and Institute of Environmental Health
Read More
Looking for #ScienceJobs? Want to hire a #scientist? Have a look at this free and super-flexible job board.
Manuel TheryResearch Director, CEA
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i have been dreaming about this for many years!