The COVID-19 pandemic is driving scientists, like the rest of society, to find new solutions to problems, so that we can work better together – through more sharing of data, expertise, equipment, and PPE.

We’ve been inspired to take this opportunity to try to create a long-term change that helps science work better for everybody.

We are scientists who want to change the way recruitment for scientific jobs is done to save labs and funders money.


  • To make recruitment fairer: with jobRxiv, every candidate has access to every job, and all labs can find the best candidates, whatever their budget
  • To save labs and funders money: recruitment shouldn’t cost $1000 per ad



  • access to scientist candidates across 160+ countries
  • automatic indexing of your listing on Google Jobs so even candidates who don’t know jobRxiv can find it
  • advertising of your job across our social media accounts (12K+ followers)
  • a fair, date-based listing order on the front page (no featured or highlighted jobs)
  • and of course: saving your funds for your research!



  • it’s completely free
  • we have jobs from over 1200 employers from 45+ countries around the world: you no longer need to waste time checking lots of local or subfield-specific job boards
  • our site is dedicated entirely to science jobs and can be easily searched and filtered by discipline, career stage, and location

Support jobRxiv

We created jobRxiv to save labs and funders money.
The thousands of jobs posted on jobRxiv for free over the last year would have cost over $3.5M if paid for on some other job boards.
Please help us cover hosting and development costs to ensure jobRxiv can continue to serve the scientific community.
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