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Guidelines - please read before posting!

You can select as many appropriate disciplines and categories for your job as you want. Make use of this and ensure the right candidate can find you easily.

jobRxiv is not a job aggregator/distributor but a platform for candidates to find and apply to scientific jobs (and for you to find those candidates!). Please do not include links to other job boards for further information and/or application. Your own personal/institutional pages are fine but all information relevant to the job should be included in the listing if at all possible.

When writing the job description, keep your candidates in mind! To be approved, your listing must include, at minimum:

  • A description of your institution, company or lab.
  • Information about the position itself and the job duties
  • What your preferred candidate’s profile looks like – technical skills, previous experience, degrees …
  • How to apply – let them know what documents to send and how (do you want a cover letter, a cv, a research plan?). Don’t just provide an email address and hope for the best. Candidates are often applying to many many jobs and not knowing what you expect makes it harder for them and less likely they’ll actually apply.

The job description must be written in English. This not only allows us to filter and review job listings for inappropriate content, but also ensures that as many candidates as possible can understand your ad. Feel free to include a version of the job description in another language below the English version if you like.

They get a special section because they’re especially important: do you REALLY need letters of reference upfront for every candidate? In most cases, references are only considered when candidates make it though the first round of selection. If that’s what you plan to do, please be considerate to your applicants and their letter writers and just ask for contact details. You’ll also get more applicants this way.

Including an image increases sharing, thereby increasing the number of views and potential applicants your listing gets. This is not required but HIGHLY recommended. A nice picture of your city, building, work or colleagues shouldn’t be hard to find.

You may re-post the same job advert at reasonable intervals. We reserve the right to remove duplicate postings at our discretion.

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Job Details

Make it specific so candidates know what it’s about! Avoid generic titles like ‘Postdoctoral Fellow’.
Pick the country where the job is located OR select “Remote” if the job can be done from anywhere.
Select ALL that apply to help candidates find your listing.
Select ALL that apply to help candidates find your listing.
This is the email address to which applicants will send their application or the URL on which they will make their application.
Please see guidelines above for what must be included in this section.
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Give candidates some details about your organisation

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